Upcoming Sermons

February 2020
Date Title
2nd Jesus promisedGod with usIsaiah 42:1-9Paul Adams C
9th God's power in usGod with us2 Peter 1:1-11Adam Shirley
16th God's word to usGod with usPaul Rogerson C
23rd False teachers withinGod with us2 Peter 2:1-22Adam Shirley
March 2020
Date Title
1st Jesus' returnGod with us2 Peter 3:1-13Paul Adams C
8th Living in the truthGod with us2 Peter 3:14-18Adam Shirley
15th The weak servantGod with usIsaiah 52:1-15Andrew Cox C
22nd Punished for usGod with usIsaiah 53:1-6Adam Shirley
29th Died, buried, risenGod with usIsaiah 53:7-12John Phillips
April 2020
Date Title
5th The King comesGod with usLuke 19:28-48Adam Shirley C
9th Maundy Thursday CommunionGod with usAdam Shirley C
10th Good Friday ReflectionsGod with usLuke 22:54-23:56Adam Shirley
12th The King is aliveGod with usLuke 24:1-49Adam Shirley