Jesus the King

January 2019
Date Title
6th Get ready for the KingMatthew 3:1-17Paul Adams
13th Resisting the devilMatthew 4:1-11Nigel Paget
20th The light that callsMatthew 4:12-25Paul Adams
27th Kingdom blessingsMatthew 5:1-12Adam Shirley
February 2019
Date Title
3rd Salt and lightMatthew 5:13-16Paul Adams
10th Christ's high standardsMatthew 5:17-26Adam Shirley
24th Christ's law of loveMatthew 5:38-48Adam Shirley
March 2019
Date Title
3rd Christ's worship revolutionMatthew 6:1-18Adam Shirley
10th Christ's securityMatthew 6:19-34Paul Adams
17th Examine ourselvesMatthew 7:1-6Paul Rogerson
24th Dare to askMatthew 7:7-12Adam Shirley
31st Two ways to liveMatthew 7:13-23Lionel Clargo
April 2019
Date Title
7th Two futures to buildMatthew 7:24-29Paul Adams